New Talent; Old Soul
Written By: Gabriel Baker

I interview artists, producers and musicians on a regular basis, but this interview was different. All the answers and information were intellectually submitted without pause. So who is Tiffany Scott? Tiffany Scott is a musician, songwriter, singer, composer, rapper and choreographer, not to mention a web designer. She’s a one woman band. She is a confident individual who is on the path to tremendous success.

Tiffany Scott is destined to shake up the music world with the spunkiness of Lauren Hill, the wisdom of India Arie and the dance steps reminiscent of Aaliyah. She is ready to make some noise. She has a real understanding of the music business which is definitely needed in the cut-throat industry.

Don’t be surprised if you see Tiffany performing on the MTV Music Awards real soon. She has a few videos on YouTube as well as songs available on iTunes and Amazon. Check them out and show your love and support. Artists like Tiffany Scott will bring music back to its roots with soul, meaning and messages of positivity. I'm very tired of not being able to listen to a radio station for more than 5 minutes. Aren’t you?

Rags About Tiffany Scott
Birth Name: Tiffany Chantéa Scott
Born: January 16, 1979 (Age 30)
Origin: Atlanta, Georgia
Genre: Pop
Occupation(s): Singer/Songwriter, Dancer, Performer, Musician, & Producer
Vocals: Alto
Years Active: 1992–Present
Label: Underground Entertainment (Independent)
Albums: The Enlightenment: Phase 1 (2009)