Sleeping With Your Designer

Written By: Diaz Allen

Being fashionable requires a great amount of effort. We spend a lot of time purchasing our fashions and even more time putting together the perfect ensemble. The same amount of time we dedicate to our appearance, we need to dedicate to our home’s appearance. Our home should always be a reflection of our personal style. Our dwelling is a large representation of us. 1.

Many of our favorite designers are assisting us in continuing our display of style at home by designing home décor lines. All of the top fashion houses have home décor divisions, including Versace, Fendi, Missoni, and Armani. More than likely our favorite clothing designer will be our favorite home décor designer. The same shapes, patterns, and colors the designers use for their clothing lines are usually transformed into their home décor lines.

We do not usually get to spend the same amount of time in bed as we spend at work. When we get the chance to sleep, why not sleep in total luxury and style? Sometimes we will give away the bank for our fashion but we do not splurge when decorating our bedrooms. If splurging is not in your budget, there are designers that will give you the luxury without leaving you penniless.

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Photo Legend:
1. Donna Karan Essentials Bedding
2. Ralph Lauren Home Regent Sateen Sheets
3. Vera Wang by Serta Specialty Memory Foam Bed
4. Calvin Klein Destination Buckle Bed