Slim Pickins
Written By: Jimmy Vincent

2009 may be the year of a recession, but one thing that hasn't been affected by the slump is men's fashion. It seems that this year's trends have been a mix of some old and some new, but definitely stylish. From the fit of suits, to the fit of jeans, everything seems to have a more sleek and fitted look.

The "skinny jean" craze started back in 2008 but it shows no sign of slowing down. The days of baggy denim are definitely in the past. More tailored and slimming down the leg, the "skinny jean" has become popular due to celebrities like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Kanye West. Often worn with high top sneakers, these jeans can be found in every color. Black, red, purple and gray are the colors of choice, but they can also be found in a distressed look and bleached stained. (1)

Another trend that has become very popular is the high-fashion sneaker. Many sneaker companies and high-fashion retailers have partnered with celebrities and other designers to create footwear that's pleasing to the eye, but will also break your pocket. Kanye West joined forces with Louis Vuitton to create a sneaker. Alexander McQueen and Sergio Rossi both teamed with Puma. Jeremy Scott teamed with Adidas to create his own one-of- a-kind sneaker. (2)

The V-neck and the deep V-neck shirts have really made a statement over the last few months. The V-neck stopping in the middle of the chest and the deep V-neck going a little lower, can both be worn with nothing underneath or with a t-shirt to give your outfit a splash of color. Urban Outfitters has both styles of t-shirts in a range of colors and textures such as cotton and jersey knit. (3)

Popular accessories that add to spice to any outfit are skinny ties, scarves and brooches. Yes, brooches. The skinny tie is a fashion-forward trend that that has an edge and gives any outfit a new look. It is very casual and is great for a night out on the town. The scarf is a way to add color to an outfit without overdoing it. Usually worn around the neck, men have now found new ways to add color to their ensemble like tying the scarf to a bag. Men have started to add brooches and pins to personalize any outfit. You can add either of these two accessories to a t-shirt, jacket, cardigan or hat. They give any outfit a complete look and help it stand out.

Other trends that have been popular over this past year are military styles jackets, tuxedo jackets and dinner jackets. Micro-pattern and stripes (pin and wide) have been the patterns of choice. Bold colors and plaid shirts have also been hot. With the recent death of Michael Jackson, some old trends will surely be revisited. Michael Jackson t-shirts have started to show up everywhere, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the studded glove, shiny jackets and high-water pants soon follow. (4)

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