Falling In Fashion:
Top 7 Fall 2009 Trends
Written By: Rodnee Chuvalo

Staying fine in 2009 is the motto, and no one wants to be caught dead looking like last year’s hand-me-downs. So to make sure you do not end up on anyone’s worst dressed list, I have taken the time to enlighten you about the trends that will without doubt make you the “it” girl of whatever occasion you attend this fall. And with fall being right around the corner, there is no time to waste when it comes to going out and making sure that you’re all stocked up for the season.

1. Leather
Fur is over and done with. This fall and winter keep warm with the fabric that is bound to make any woman feel tough and cozy; leather. Making a comeback from the late 80’s and early 90’s, leather garments will soon become a staple item. Oh no honey, I’m not just talking about a leather jacket, I’m talking about a nice leather pant, skirt, or even a bodysuit. Whatever suits your fancy, as long as its leather, is fine with me.

2. Thigh High Boots
You thought you were doing something when you wore your rider boots last fall, but this fall is taking boots to a different extent. Boots extending beyond the knee will be a hit this upcoming season. It does not matter whether they are flat or on a heel, just make sure they are touching your thighs.

3. Emphasize Your Waist
This fall do not put on so many layers that you lose your shape. Drawing attention to your waist is a nice way to allow to your shape to get the attention it deserves. Wearing a thick belt or a jacket that is narrow at the waist are two great ways to make this look happen.

4. Lace
Who said lace was just for brides and grandmothers? Lace is making a special appearance as one of fall’s many trends. Used for entire garments or to just to add emphasis, lace (like leather) is a reviving fabric that may just be around for awhile.

5. Big Shoulders
The 80’s are back with a vengeance and with it comes one of its signature trends. Shoulder pads and puffy shoulders will be making a big splash back into the fashion scene this fall. You might cringe at this fact, but if you want to make a lasting impression, I highly advise you to get a blouse or blazer that is reminiscent of the past yet still so “now”.

6. Oversized Blazer
Quickly go in your man’s closet and snatch his blazer. Oversized blazers with a masculine twist are slowly becoming must-have items. You can dress it up with a nice belt, turning it into a mini dress or you can dress it down with a vintage t-shirt and jeans.

7. Color
Fall is no longer the season of dull browns, blacks, and grays. Fall 2009 is taking a new approach by adding some life to the season. Shades of green and pink will be highly favored this upcoming fall. But the color making the biggest noise will be red. Rich, red tones will be fall’s must-wear color.

This fall’s trends are only for the bold and beautiful. Do not be afraid to live a little and turn heads. Make it an effort to go out and be known while you are wearing your thigh high boots or shoulder pads. Whatever trend you chose to embrace, make sure you do it with confidence because it takes a true fashionista to wear a look fresh off the runway.