Decorating Your Nursery
on a Budget
Written By: Stephanie Drye

Having a baby is such an exciting time! I find that parents-to-be want nurseries with style, but feel that they cannot achieve this due to a limited budget. Have no fear! Here are some decorating tips that won't bust your budget.

Baby Bedding
You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for good looking bedding. I spent a great deal on my son's nursery bedding and never used it. Shop at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or Target. They have really attractive bed ensembles at great prices.

You can always accessorize your nursery with custom made art to add a uniqueness to your nursery decor. Be sure to include ample lighting and soft fabrics implemented in your drapes and pillows.

Choosing Paint
Never underestimate the power of paint! Close your eyes and think of red. Now think of blue. What emotions do those colors elicit? When I think of red, I think of excitement...vibrance. When I think of blue, I think of all things tranquil. Painting your nursery walls is a great, inexpensive way to add visual interest.

Try an interesting mix of colors. Get paint samples from paint stores and play around with color combinations. Unexpected color combinations can compliment each other. Ask your family and friends for their opinions if you are unsure.

Hot Color Trends for 2009
Pink, White/Cream, and Brown
2. Blue, White/Cream, and Brown
3. Lime Green, Navy, and White
4. Purple, Apple Green, and White
5. Fuchsia, Orange, and Baby Pink
6. Navy, White, and Red
7. Aqua, White/Cream, and Tan
8. Lavender, Soft Apple, and White

Paint Techniques
You're not limited to just painting all four walls the same color. Have fun with it! Paint three walls of the nursery one color and paint one wall a different color. A perfect place for the accent wall would be where the crib will be placed. You can also add a chair rail and paint the wall above the chair rail one color and below the rail another.

Feel free to think outside the box. Add a design. Mix it up with stripes using a high quality painters tape. Get a template for circles or dots. The possibilities are endless.
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